Pic ‘n’ Mix Ceramics – Handmade in our Studio

Hi, welcome to Pic ‘n’ Mix Ceramics.

Thank you for visiting our shop. Having spent time at pottery evening classes over the years, I decided it was about time to turn my dream into a reality and have embarked on a new chapter in my life.
I love working with clay and developing different pieces. I spend around 2 weeks building up enough pieces to fire in my kiln in the studio and then work with a variety of glazes…and so for me the 2nd firing is where the magic happens as the glazes react so differently with the 1000 degrees of heat that each firing is a surprise.

I enjoy creating not only the ceramic pieces but also being able to mix these with wood that can be etched to give each ceramic piece a uniqueness that makes a lovely bespoke gift for a special ocassion.

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We are happy to make bespoke wedding favours or small table decorations to make your day. Please contact us at info@picnmixceramics.co.uk

Heartfelt Sayings

A range of hand glazed ceramic hearts with heartfelt sayings. A great idea for a gift for a special person