About Pic ‘n’ Mix Ceramics

Unique ceramic products which we design using 3D prints and can be personalised using our laser etcher.

Having spent time at evening classes over the years developing an interest in pottery I finally took the plunge and purchased my own kiln which led me to a new chapter in my life making and designing my own range of handmade and hand glazed ceramic pieces. 
Having a husband who has a love of engineering and gadgets, has led me to using 3D printers to develop the tools to make my ceramic pieces and the purchase of a laser etching machine which means I can personalise items to meet your requirements whatever the occasion. 
I decided to call myself Pic’n’Mix because I produce items that can be mixed together to make unique selections (just like picking your favourite sweets at the Pic’n’Mix stand) and I also mix materials combining ceramics with wood, paper and card.